Part 2 

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Just uploaded my dream address today!

Dream Code4800-4615-2291

The village was both quiet and unremarkable before the sorcerer came; the villagers being much the same. Precariously perched on a narrow strip of coastline between the mountains and the same, they lived peaceful lives in a land seemingly untouched by the flow of time.

But when he arrived, everything changed. Toting with him a captive princess clad in white, who he trapped in a watery prison at the bottom of the town well, the sorcerer cast a spell on the village to keep his secret forever safe. The villagers, now monstrous, animal-like creatures, could never leave.

Play as the princess or her pursuing prince!

Explore the sorcerer’s mansion, the gardens, and the princess’s watery prison!

Find the vampire’s coffin!

Can you break the spell?

I track the tag #newmarkcrossing

Have fun!

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Weee, more grassy paths! I wanted something with a little more green.  Both wide and narrow paths!

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[ ]

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Strawberry Swimsuit

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The outfit of the person from Yume Nikki as requested by Anon.

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first time uploading a QR of a thing and it took w a y too long. inspiration.

DC: 5300-3469-2495


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Flower barrels

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Slytherin Uniform

Gryffindor / Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw

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by ぢぇいち

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