A dress with a brown lace skirt, and a peach spotty top


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No need to be a bitter bitch Mr. Zip.

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bunny sweaters for bunny day?

please like or reblog if you use them!

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Dress for Easter tomorrow.

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Prom Dress Set

I made a prom dress in three colours for you guys (the Midnight one is my favourite).

The lighter dots on the front give it a slightly sparkly effect without being too over the top.

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Due to the success of this post, and the many asks for recolors, i have compiled a crap ton of recolors! some of the darker ones were oopsies that i figured someone could find a use for anyway.

also i named it more aptly, except for the original because wow oops

anyway, enjoy having most colors under the sun!

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I made a cute Moon & Stars outfit! I know I saw someone else had made a similar one to this, so that’s where I had gotten my idea. But honestly I think mine is much prettier. So enjoy my creation :3

Credit to the girl I got my idea from:


Pastel Galaxy Dress. The skirt part really is a piece of crap


stayed up a little late to finish this one! it’s a knit cardigan over a peter pan collared blouse and a circle skirt. i plan on making this one in different colours so let me know if you have any suggestions :)